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Do your people really trust each other?

While in the sandbox can you trust the people you're building with? Great teams trust each other and are comfortable being vulnerable about their weaknesses, mistakes, fears and behaviors. They are open without sandfilters. Learn more...

Are you afraid to engage in passionate debate?

Effective teams are unafraid of passionate debate and productive conflict all in the spirit of finding the best solutions. No back channel politics, no personal attacks or posturing. Learn more...

Buy-in doesn't mean consensus.

Members of great teams learn to disagree with one another while still being able to commit to a decision. Everyone needs both feet planted! Learn more...

Can you call out your peers on poor performance?

Do you rely on your team leader to hold your peers accountable? Accountability on a strong team occurs directly among peers. Peer pressure and the concern of letting down a colleague motivate effective teams. Tell them directly when things start to break down! Learn more...

Do you focus on team results or your own?

Don't allow the temptation to place their department, career aspirations, or ego-driven status to be placed ahead of the collective results that define team success. Get your head in the game! Learn more...

Getting Your Team To Work Together

Getting Started

Ok, you’ve bought into the fact that your organization needs assistance.

We will lead you through a "key activity session" in which The Sandbox Group will provide you tools to renew critical directives in your organization…

You will discover action steps to drive your organization that will get...

1. Teams working together to accomplish organizational objectives.

2. Renewed energy toward identifying new ways of thinking about your organization.

3. Organizational “buy in” of strengths and opportunities.

4. Keen awareness and defense mechanisms for weaknesses and threats.

5. Activities to correct a “re-lapse” of old habits (Do you need new sand in your box?).

Offering Real Results

Walk away with actionable, trainable and measurable benchmark activities that will enable you to see a significant and measureable difference in your organization.

Ready to Guide Your Team?

The Sandbox Group will guide your organization in the right direction through:

- Key Executive Team Testing
- Testing Reviews
- Group Offsite sessions of Stakeholders
- Breaking down the walls… or making sure you’re all in the same sandbox.
- Making sure all players respect the “castle” (the organization as a whole).

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Brad Larrondo
Assistant Athletic Director (BSU)

One of the key missions of Boise State athletics is to work on community outreach as often as possible and tie them into our key sporting events. In one key area, community food drives, Dan Long was instrumental in helping us spearhead an initiative that we now call Hunger Bowl. It allowed us to bring together three key entities in the Salvation Army, Boise Rescue Mission and the Idaho Food Bank in order to make this a much broader reach within the community. This would not have been possible without the work of Dan and his devotion to this project.

Oscar Perè - YellowBox Studio, LLC

The Sandbox has helped our team become fully complementary with each other. We were able to point out drastic flaws and adjust to compensate where needed. I recommend every small business talk to Sandbox!

Lyndon Johns - President, CHF

Greg is indispensable to our organization. Using his wealth of experience and practical knowledge, he helps us identify organizational inefficiencies, leadership vacuums, and lack of clarity in communicating our vision to our employees and customers. He then facilitates meaningful change by assisting us to foster an environment where everyone clearly understands their roles and is motivated to work together to accomplish our mission. Greg is a true partner by the purest definition – 100% committed to our success. I am proud to recommend him to any company – large or small – striving to be better.