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Early Lessons From The Sandbox

“Organizational Wellness”
or “The People Part of Success”

The things I learned in a sandbox, got me into the White House “ -  Dan Long

Early lessons from the Sand Box:

  • Have fun with friends
  • Make new friends
  • Share your toys (thoughts, ideas, talents)
  • Build one castle (or kingdom) at a time (no Silo’s, Politics & Turf Wars)
  • Put things back where you found them
  • Clean up your own mess
  • Respect others and play fair
  • Explain the project (have clarity)
  • Discover your gifts
  • Speak one language
  • Say you’re sorry

Things not to do:

  • No telling secrets
  • No outside games
  • No sand in the shorts
  • No throwing or kicking sand
  • Don’t take things that don’t belong to you
  • No fighting (pulling hair, hitting or shoving could result in a time out)
  • No bullies
  • No gum or outside food ( raisins & cheerios ok)
  • No sharp objects
  • No bad days

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