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The Destructive Three Letter Word

It was reported last week in both the Idaho Statesman and the Idaho Business Review that the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau is on the verge of dissolution. The articles cited that the board of directors is having “personality clashes and contentious board meetings.”

When I read “personality clashes” it is just another way to say that egos are getting in the way of doing what is right for the organization. Personal agendas have overshadowed open-minded progress and end results have been replaced with “I want my way.”

The dreaded three letter word “ego” has ruined careers, split partnerships, destroyed marriages, blistered friendships, wounded children and started wars. It has kept potentially star-quality athletes from being world class, and good companies from being great. When the ego takes over it can weaken our talents despite our qualifications, expertise, charisma, track record, or remarkable abilities. Ego is the biggest enemy of forming good relationships in the Sandbox.
Possibly, if the board members had “checked their egos at the door” a more successful outcome could have been found.

Listen to the 3 minute “Closer Look at Business” radio clip: The Sandbox Group-The Destructive 3 Letter Word-062910

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