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The Foundation of Success

This month, my wife and I will be entering into our 30th year of marriage. This wouldn’t have been possible without a deep and profound TRUST of each other on all levels of our relationship. TRUST is the foundation of all relationships—both personal and professional.

When Sandbox Group is invited to help an organization, the first measurement we take is the degree of trust among the team members. We use an assessment tool which asks the very simple question, “Do you trust your leader, supervisor and co-workers?”

If we find that lack of trust is an issue within a company, we know immediately that we need to begin to rebuild the very foundation of that organization. Our first step in rebuilding is to facilitate ways in which team members get to know and understand each other better, have open and honest communications, and be “real” with one another.

If you visit our website, www.sandboxgroup.com, and click on the 5 Dysfunctions link, you’ll notice that the very first dysfunction of a team is the ”absence of trust.” Without the solid foundation of trust, all relationships will eventually crumble.

So for our 30th wedding anniversary, should my wife and I travel to Ireland or Italy? Because we trust each other, especially with our finances, maybe we’ll just do both!

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