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The Economics of Trust

When I’m asked to help evaluate the performance of an organization, one of the first items I measure is their degree of TRUST.  

In his book titled, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni writes t “trust is the foundation of all relationships”. That statement goes for both professionally and personally! 

I have yet to work with a company that didn’t rate low when it came to their degree of trust. The sad thing is, I’ve found that the larger the company, the lower the degree of trust! But, size is not always the case.

One clients that I work with in their sandbox is one of the largest private employers in the State of Idaho while  another client consists of just two siblings who simply don’t trust each other.

Look at this economic formula of trust:

            High Trust = Low Costs            vs.        Low Trust = High Costs  

If your organization is not working as one or as efficiently or effectively as they could, there is most likely a issue of low trust at play in the organization.

Sandbox lesson #14:

To play well together in the sandbox- you must trust your playmates!    

If you need help increasing the trust within your organization, give me a call. For more than 25 years, I’ve owned and operated a success business with a very high level of trust.

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