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Personal Accountability

Recently we talked about the importance of peer-to-peer accountability and the willingness to call out your peers when their actions and behaviors are hurting the team. Before you can even get to that level of trust with your co-workers, you must first be accountable to yourself. Mr. Webster says this about accountability: to be answerable. Let me please share with you a great poem titled "The Man in the Glass." It does a wonderful job of stressing the importance of being answerable to just one person in your life—that one person who's staring back at you in the mirror. The Man in the Glass When you get ...

Recent Posts

  • Let the Games Begin-NOT!

    Every two years, somewhere in the world we hear the famous words “let the games begin” which signals the start of either the Summer or Winter Olympics, right? Recently, I was working with a group of sales training professionals and one of those participating in the on-line discussion was a very successful 35 year old business owner from Seattle. [...]

  • The Economics of Trust

    When I’m asked to help evaluate the performance of an organization, one of the first items I measure is their degree of TRUST.   In his book titled, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni writes t “trust is the foundation of all relationships”. That statement goes for both professionally and personally!  I have yet to work with [...]

  • No pain-NO GAIN!

    The other day I handed my business card to a small business owner and  when he saw the red little bucket logo and laughed he then said “that’s really cute, is your sandbox gig all fun and games”?  I looked him right in the eyes and said ”No- when I work with folks, most times there is a lot of [...]

  • Why is Peer-to-Peer Accountability Important?

    One of the most important characteristics of a successful organization is accountability—the willingness of team members to call their peers out on performance or behaviors that might hurt the overall team. Members of great teams overcome the discomfort of having difficult conversations and are willing to enter into the “Danger Zone” with each other. In the [...]

  • Join us at our Business Boot Camp

    Sandbox Group has a Business Boot Camp coming up in August! When: August 12th from 12:00 noon – 1:00pm. What: Business Boot Camp – You or Your Business Building Retirement Wealth? Where: Boise’s Better Business Bureau (1200 N. Curtis Rd., Boise, Idaho  83706) Cost: $15.00 includes lunch RSVP: To make your reservations and payment for the Small [...]

  • Two Types of Commitment

    One of the crucial first steps to any change or improvement is commitment. We must first buy-in to the change, then give it our commitment in order for it to happen. When it comes to making a commitment there are two different types; 1. Commitment with our lips 2. Commitment with our hearts Many times [...]

  • Conflict

    If you recently walked away from a business meeting with your key people thinking that everything was under control because there was no disagreement or conflict, you better think again. The lack of conflict—productive conflict that is, may be a sign there’s a lack of trust in your organization. It could mean just the opposite [...]

  • The Foundation of Success

    This month, my wife and I will be entering into our 30th year of marriage. This wouldn’t have been possible without a deep and profound TRUST of each other on all levels of our relationship. TRUST is the foundation of all relationships—both personal and professional. When Sandbox Group is invited to help an organization, the first measurement we take is [...]

  • The Destructive Three Letter Word

    It was reported last week in both the Idaho Statesman and the Idaho Business Review that the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau is on the verge of dissolution. The articles cited that the board of directors is having “personality clashes and contentious board meetings.” When I read “personality clashes” it is just another way to [...]