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What Sandbox Group Can Do For Your Business

A one day session with Sandbox Group will renew the following in your organization…

  1. Get your teams working together to accomplish organizational objectives.
  2. Identify keen awareness and defense mechanisms for weaknesses and threats.
  3. Enhance organizational “buy in” of strengths and opportunities.
  4. Renew energy toward identifying new ways of thinking about your organization.
  5. Help facilitate activities to correct a “re-lapse” of old habits (putting new sand in the box).
  6. We assure you that you will walk away with actionable, trainable and measurable benchmark activities that will enable you to see a significant difference in your organization.

Guiding The Team

- Key executive team testing
- Testing reviews
- Group offsite with stakeholders
- Breaking down of silos… or making sure we’re all in the same sandbox.
- Making sure we all respect the “castle” (the organization as a whole).