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Dan Long

“Idaho’s Voice of Business”

(208) 850-4848

Dan  Long knows business. His upcoming book, “From the Out House to the White House”, tells how he started out as a “one man operation” and grew A1 Plumbing of Boise, Idaho into one of the largest and most successful service organizations in the nation. In 2008, Dan was named Idaho’s “SBA Small Business Person of the Year”. This award culminated into an invitation to the White House where he visited with President George W. Bush in the East Room.

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Dan attributes much of his success to his ability to get large groups of people to “play better together in the sandbox”. With his “high trust – low touch” approach to managing people, he has proven that by picking the right people, you can focus more on your customers needs rather than the organizations needs.

Also in 2008, at the age of just 52, Dan sold his business. He recalls sitting in the White House and saying, “Wow, what a great way to end a successful career. Wow, what a great way to begin a new successful career!” Currently, Dan works with successful and profitable companies who might need his expertise to get to the next level.

As Idaho’s Voice of Small Business, he can be heard weekly on KTVB 7 “It’s your Business”, Fox 12 “Business Solutions” and news talk 670 KBOI “A Closer Look at Business” programs.

“It is a rare person that can truly be considered visionary, someone who can discern what it takes to be successful. Dan Long is that rare kind of person”.

- Bruce Perry, CPA / Attorney/ Business Broker